Siding and Your Home: What You Need to Know

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Siding and Your Home: What You Need to Know

When it was time to re-side our home, I quickly found myself overwhelmed by the different siding options. I could side my home in cedar shingles, wood planks, fiber cement planks, vinyl siding or metal siding, just to name a few of the options out there. I spent a lot of time wading through websites trying to figure out the benefits of each material and which would be right for me. While there was a lot of information about the materials, most of it didn't apply to me. It was about installing the siding or buying or selling the siding. I created this so if you are looking for siding, you have a one-stop resource that lays out the different types of siding and their benefits. This should help you avoid having to wade through information that does not apply to you to find what you need.



Three Routine Air Compressor Issues You Might Encounter

When an industrial air compressor starts to experience problems, you will need to have a solid understanding about these issues so that you can reduce the disruptions and decreased productivity that these problems could cause to your business. Excessively Loud Noises Or Intense Vibrations Air compressors will always be relatively loud, but you might find that your unit has experienced a dramatic increase in volume or a change in the sounds that it is making. Read More 

Designing An Effective Wayfinding System For Your Store

How easy is it for customers to find what they need in your store? No one wants to walk around a store in circles trying to find something. It's aggravating, and aggravated customers may not return to your store. Fortunately, the problem can be resolved easily. All you need is a wayfinding system that points your customers in the right direction. Use these tips to design the signs you need to create an effective wayfinding system for your shop. Read More 

Own A Motorcycle? How You Can Make Your Battery Life Last Longer

How long your motorcycle battery stays charged depends on the brand of battery you purchase, as the quality of the battery plays a role in how long it will last. It also depends on how much the motorcycle is used. You can, however, do some things on your own to help extend the life of your battery, and below are three tips on how you can do this. Storing Your Motorcycle Read More 

Do You Think You Have a Problematic Hydraulic Cylinder in a Newer Machine? What to Do

If your shop machine is having difficulty functioning, and you think that the problem is the hydraulic cylinder, you'll want to do a few things before you replace the cylinder. There are several components that affect whether the cylinder is going to work properly and whether it's going to function for the machine. Even if you have a fairly new machine on the shop floor, the cylinder could be faulty. Here are few things you'll want to do to save money and to prevent problems in the future. Read More 

Four Things Covered By Electrical Construction And Why It Should Matter To Your Industry

When you think of electrical construction, you probably think of an electrical contractor installing wiring and fuse boxes in homes and businesses. While that is part of the electrical construction business, that is not all these contractors do. Here are four more things covered under electrical construction and why it should matter to your industrial plant. Installing Electrical Motors and Industrial Generators If you have a factory that relies almost entirely on electrical energy, you cannot be without power for more than a couple minutes. Read More